By Edwin Rubis 10/19/2021

We are all walking each other home. We are all treading down different paths but the destination is all the same: ETERNITY. Ego, dogma, and fear are only mental illusions deterring us from expressing empathy and compassion. Our next level of consciousness awaits us. Cooperation, empathy, and understanding can get us there. When you extend a helping hand, you're understanding your inward nature. You also influence others to do the same. Nothing is more emotionally satisfying than to give of yourself for the sake of humanity. It's called purpose and fulfillment. Many search for life's meaning without ever finding it. Not until their last breath do they realize they've been looking in the wrong places. We are not here to save the world, we are only here to point it in the right direction. Suffering is real, but so is faith and peace of mind in the midst of it. Darkness doesn't exist without light nor light without darkness. A whole day is made up of both. Life is like climbing a mountain. Going it alone proves difficult. When others help, the climb suddenly becomes easier. Look around and tell me what you see? Selfishness and exclusion and mean-ness? Good. You're an innovator for change. To encourage love, inclusion, and kindness. Yes, the world can be cruel and uncertain. But it's only a temporal experience of sorts (lived in this bubble of a space time-continuum); with a happy ending to our human history. We are all interwoven by a spiritual thread of oneness. To break the thread is to break our connection to life sustaining power.


Edwin Rubis is serving his 24th year of a 40-year sentence in federal prison. As a victim of the ‘war on drugs, he’s able to share with you his unique perspective on his experiences of the ups and downs of life behind bars. Born in El Salvador, and raised in Texas, Edwin has spent half of his life in prison and has figured out how to overcome many of the trappings of prison life. While incarcerated, he has completed his Master’s degree in Counseling and is now working on his Doctorate. Edwin currently resides at FCI-Talladega. You can text him via corrlinks at: (513) 842-8766.


Cannabis Prisoner #79282-079

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