Kerry is a 52-year-old male, serving 20 years for conspiracy to distribute marijuana!  He has served about 10 years of his sentence so far.  He is scheduled to go home on 6-2-2028. 

Kerry was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas.  He has a wife and two teenage children that he is anxious to get home to.  Kerry has lost precious family members since his incarceration and is desperate to get back home.  His wife Shawana has had a very difficult time with Kerry being incarcerated.  She has had to be both parents to her children.  She works incredibly hard and is a woman of great faith.  Shawana and Kerry pray together and that is what helps him get through this hard time.  He has missed the formidable years of seeing his children grow and his faith is what helps him cope.

Prior to Kerry’s arrest, he worked a good job as a line handler at a shipyard.  He was so valuable to his employers that they want him back when he is released, his job is waiting for him.  While in prison, Kerry has taken parenting classes and earned his GED.  He is anxious to return to his job, and wants to gain a CDL so he can also take on driving!  In the meantime, Kerry asks that you keep him in your prayers!

You can send Kerry a letter to:

Kerry Collier #16347-078

FCI Beaumont Low

PO BOX 26020

Beaumont, TX  77720