Board Member, Education Director, Image Director, Event Coordinator

Why are you part of Freedom Grow? In 2011, the medical cannabis company my father co-owned (Montana Cannabis) was raided by the Federal Government. My mom and dad were suddenly facing an unfair fight in the court system. The feds did not allow the state laws in their court, so they had no defense, and they both were forced to prison. The private prison the feds sent my dad to was ignoring his health problems, he was being tortured and severely neglected. Four months into my dad’s prison stay, I got a phone call from the US Marshals. They told me my dad had two major heart attacks and I needed to come take him off life support. I rushed to Vegas, gazed in my dad’s eyes for a few hours, took in all his pain, all his suffering, and said my last words but never goodbye! I then removed his fragile, innocent, sweet, kind body off the life support that was keeping him alive. During this most private time between my dad and I, there were two US Marshals guarding us. A few minutes after my dad stopped breathing, the nurses removed his covers and his fragile ankles were still shackled to the bed. He had osteoporosis and had broken eight bones in prison. When I left the hospital that night, I vowed to myself to do everything humanly possible to help the prisoners that my dad left behind. I had to tell my mom the next morning when she called me from prison what happened. The worst part is that they wouldn’t even let her out for the funeral. They were married for 36 years. After my father’s death, one of his business partners (Chris Williams) went to trial. The other business partners snitched on him and received no jail time. Since my dad’s death, I have been passionate about prison outreach, commissary money, court support, mass incarceration, the drug war, private prisons, and education including jury nullification!

Advocacy – In 2013 I became a public speaker about the subject of cannabis prisoners and an active membership with the Human Solution. My membership quickly led to board members, vice president, and executive director. After leaving The Human Solution in 2015, I co-founded Voices of the Cannabis War (VOW). VOW was not a 501c3, so our focus was writing articles in various magazines about the prisoners, creating images about them, attending events and hosting VOW radio with Eugene Fischer who served 35 years of a LIFE sentence for cannabis. In 2019, I started working seriously deep with Freedom Grow and decided this is where I want to put all attention!

More about Kristin – I am obsessed with water! I love essential oils, coconut oil, little animals and crystals! I am a certified yoga trapeze teacher, a mother, daughter, and granddaughter! I also care about mankind, and have a passion for healing the soul! XOXO

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