Board Member, Prison Outreach Coordinator

Why are you part of Freedom Grow? In 2016 my son, Lance Gloor, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison following the 2011 raids of several Medical Marijuana Dispensaries by the Federal Government in Washington State. I immediately began my fierce fight for my son’s freedom. The more fiercely we all fight for Lance’s freedom, the more I find out. I was shocked to find out there are so many people in prison for marijuana, some serving LIFE. The gut wrenching horrible pain I constantly feel with every breath, I do not want others to feel. I do not like to see others being mistreated, families being literally torn apart and destroyed, precious valuable lives being wasted and precious valuable time being lost forever. Therefore, my fierce fight for freedom has expanded onto the huge battlefield for many.

More about Tracie – I was born with the Spiritual Gift of Compassion/Mercy and I cannot turn a blind eye when others need help. Lance always says, “HELPING OTHERS IS VERY IMPORTANT”. Lance was fiercely fighting for others’ freedom before he was snatched away from us. I am desperately trying to fill Lance’s huge shoes in his absence. Another thing Lance always says, “ONE TEAM ONE DREAM”.

Other advocacy groups Tracie is part of – CAN-DO , Guardian Angel, The Human Solution International (THSI), Voices of the Cannabis War (VOW), FREE LANCE GLOOR and Freedom Grow.

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