Freedom Grow (501c3) is committed to serving our cannabis prisoners with a level of support they deserve. We are excited to announce The “Wish” Program. We are going to support their sacrifices by providing them with simple things that we take for granted, such as having access to entertainment through magazines or the ability to educate themselves with books. Over the years, prisoners lose touch with family and their absences begins to take a toll on their loved ones, we want to help be their tie that binds. Through The Wish Program we will be able to deliver a level of prison outreach that will help keep their hearts and minds connected to the world they left behind! We have laid out several levels to the program:

Direct prison outreach - This category helps our POW’s with books, magazines subscriptions, newspapers etc. These items will help entertain and educate them. Providing reading materials will help them pass time, and help keep them focused.

Family Outreach - One of our biggest complaints from our heroes is being cut off from their family, they are suddenly unable to show love. They feel helpless, especially around the holidays. The only way they can show love is through expensive phones calls or by writing letters to the people they care about. We know through experience that if someone in a family is in prison the whole family feels like they are in prison too. After years, even just days of incarceration, our POW’s start to feel unconnected and helpless. We want to provide them a way to keep their bonds strong during holidays, hard times, or just because. We want to grant their wishes, such as sending a Mothers Day present with a message on Mothers Day, a card to an uncle to congratulate him on a wedding, a birthday present to a child, or some chocolates with a romantic poem to a wife on Valentines Day! Whatever the reason, we want our POW’s to maintain healthy relationships, feel like a valuable members of their family's lives, and we want to help them not feel so alone during hard times. By granting their wishes, we are helping them stay bonded with their loved ones and we are giving them back the ability to create new memories. The Wish Program gives them a chance to show love and gives them back some of their dignity that prison has robbed them of. We believe that just because they are in prison for cannabis that doesn’t mean they should stop creating valuable memories with their loved ones.

Holiday Christmas Drive - We know how hard it is for children when a parent is absent during the holidays, that’s why every year since Mickey Martin (Founder of Parents 4 Pot) passed (2017) we have done our best to honor him and his program by continuing the Holiday Christmas Drive.

Emergency outreach - Our prisoners stress when their families stress, if their loved ones are in trouble, our POW’s feal the pain. Depending on our finances, we would occasionally like to help their families who can’t pay an important bill, maybe their children need school supplies or the family doesn’t have extra gas money to visit them. Whatever their emergency needs may be, we want to help when we can!

Can you or your business sponsor Freedom Grow? 

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, without these amazing people we wouldn't be able to grant wishes, educate, represent at events, or have a website.  We are happy to be working together to end prohibition!  If you would like to join us and donate any time, resources, or finances please inbox us! Thank you!